James H. Anderton
1412 Baypointe Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660 P.O. Box 10759 Newport Beach, CA 92658
949-706-1461 - cell 949-254-5304 - -
What I bring to your project:
  Application development experience using Visual Basic 6.0, 5.0, 4.0 or 3.0 as well as VBA in Office 2000, Visio, etc.
Strong Object Oriented (OO) development methodologies. See Genesis below.
Strong Standards / Consistency skills in project structure, UI, code and documentation. See OrganizeIt! below.
Database using ADO, DAO, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase. Dynamic SQL to switch on the fly.
Automation of objects such as Word, Excel and Visio for reporting as well as created an HTML engine for the same.
Project migration to Visual Basic 6.0 from prior versions. Already been there.
Project management and documentation - Needs and Gap Analysis, Systems Specification and Implementation plans.
Responsible for projects from initial contact through the sale as well as maintenance / support.
Managed projects with budgets up to $250,000.00 and groups of up to 7 programmers on a single project.
Created the following development / management tools
  Genesis A development environment that works in conjunction with VB to collect and manage system specifications for an application project. It also manages components of the data and meta-data models to create "Intelligent Objects" for use in the VB application. Genesis also produces Word and fully linked HTML documentation for all aspects of the project and data models. Genesis will also embed objects in the application that handle many of the non-data related tasks that the application must generally perform. Use of Genesis has resulted in 40% to 80% reductions in application development time depending on the project. The code inference engine produces error-free code at the rate of 1,000,000 lines per minute.
  OrganizeIt! A tool designed to aid in the collection, management and distribution of information that makes up the requirements of any development project. Produces rich text format and HTML output completely formatted using pre-defined style sheets.
Written, implemented and supported the following systems:
  Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable / Order Entry
Purchase Order
Payroll - multi-state
System Security & Utilization
Feature Film Production Accounting
Quote Processing and tracking
Printing of MICR encoded checks
General Ledger
Client Consolidation
Business Management
Time Accounting / Tickler File
Process Server Management
Tour Accounting (music groups)
Lead Scoring / Assignment / Routing
Financial Modeling / Planning
Depreciable Assets
Literature Fulfillment
Database Replication
Freight Tracking
Mail List Management
Productivity Tools
Organized with a "Solve it" philosophy
Good oral and written skills, sensitive to users needs and learning
Managed large projects from start to finish
  Ability to organize, manage and complete complex projects, understand the big picture, yet detail oriented
Ability to put technical information into a usable format for users and management
'65 - '69 USAF Systems Analyst
'75 - '02 Contract Programming / Consulting
Passed the Microsoft certification examination for Visual Basic 3.0
Over 25 years experience in Basic environments including Visual Basic 6.0 back to 1.0 and PDS
Over 30 years experience in systems development and implementation
Broad experience with various types of business
Adaptable, free to travel