Ramona L. Anderton
1412 Baypointe Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660 P.O. Box 10759 Newport Beach, CA 92658
949-706-1461 - cell 949-254-5302 -
General Background

OO Development
Experience in the development of complex object models and their implementation in the Visual Basic environment. Assisted in the creation of several tools (see OrganizeIt and Genesis below) to speed up and standardize the object development and implementation process.

A tool designed to aid in the collection, management and distribution of information that makes up the requirements of any development project. Produces rich text format output completely formatted using pre-defined style sheets.

A development environment that works in conjunction with VB to collect and manage system specifications for an application project. It also manages components of the data and meta-data models to create "Intelligent Objects" for use in the VB application. Genesis also produces Word and fully linked HTML documentation for all aspects of the project and data models. Genesis will also embed objects in the application that handle many of the non-data related tasks that the application must generally perform. Genesis also creates VB code for a database support tool that is used to create and maintain the database under software control. Use of Genesis has resulted in 40% to 80% reductions in application development time depending on the project. The code inference engine produces error-free code at the rate of over 1,000,000 lines per minute.

User Interface
Broad experience in user interface design. Developed interfaces to meet a broad range of needs. Experience in interface continuity standards. Co-Developed Screens On The Fly that has an IDE to create bound forms requiring no application specific code. This component performs extended data validation before persisting the data to disk. These screens can be hosted in an application containing the supporting ActiveX (COM) components. Also co-developed a set of components that use the "Intelligent Objects" created by Genesis to build screens dynamically with extensive customizing capability.

Developed and implemented standards for system development, screen design, report design, database structure and normalization as well as computer-based training.

Help Files
Designed and developed standard Windows help files.

Testing / Deployment
Implemented regression testing programs and developed test scripts for product deployment. Experience in .dll / .ocx version management on distributed desktops. Experience with various application installation and update methodologies.

Experience in performance tuning, database normalization, multi-user locking problems and client server upsizing working in mixed database environments

API / Third party tools
Extensive use of the Windows API and third party tools to enhance Visual Basic's capability.

Proficient in training clients to program in Visual Basic and MS Access.