Ramona L. Anderton
1412 Baypointe Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660
P.O. Box 10759 Newport Beach, CA 92658
949-706-1461 - cell 949-254-5302


I have just relocated from Hawaii to California. Hawaii was fun, but nothing beats the Orange County area for a California raised girl. It's good to be home and I'm ready for a new challenge.

Following, you will find my resume and additional details that expand on my background, systems and software experience. I am seeking projects using Visual Basic 6.0 as well as project management. I have a clear understanding of Objected Oriented (OO) development in the Visual Basic environment and have created and used ActiveX (COM) technologies in my applications. Experience includes the use of ADO and DAO for database communications using MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase.

Desirable positions would be permanent or contract, working on or off-site as appropriate. My development platform is very robust and allows fast development and testing in various configurations without intruding on the client's environment. I can travel as required by the job. My search is for a challenging project that requires creative solutions.

Listed below are the key points of my expertise.

broad business background
over 20 years of systems development in various Basic environments
project migration to VB 6.0 as well as MS Access to various client server platforms
project management from development through implementation and support
Windows application development, including Help files, HTML and training materials
clients have included Intel, Hewlett Packard, Bank of America and Applied Materials
taught classroom and one-on-one instruction in VB and Access as a paid instructor
I develop creative solutions for complex business problems - and they work

If you would like to discuss our possibilities further, you may call the number above. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ramona L. Anderton